The WSO operates strictly on the financial support of our Athletes, Donors and Sponsors.  We do not receive any federal, county or city funding.  For the past 40 years, you have helped build the WSO to what it is today.  Your support helps us reach more athletes, provide affordable registration fees, and makes a positive impact on adults, encouraging them to stay motivated and committed to living a healthy and active life.

Your financial help is always welcome.  Last season we provided eight scholarships to individuals who may have not otherwise been able to participate in the 2019 events.  There are may non-profits you may choose to donate to, and we are humbled you choose to support the WSO!



2020 Season Update 

While none of us have any definitive answers on what the future holds, the WSO Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Games Committee are busy discussing the 2020 games season.  In addition, we are communicating with the NSGA and states within the Great Lakes region.  

We are exploring all options to ensure we provide you with the quality events you come to expect, with the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers and community at the forefront. 

Below are a few updates regarding the 2020 Games: please note that any of the following are subject to change.

  • Registration:  July 1st
  • Registration fee: $35.00 for Wisconsin & out-of-state Athletes
  • Dartball:  new event added to the schedule
  • Softball:  no additional fee 
  • Bowling:  three shifts - 11 AM,1 PM, and 6 PM
  • Cornhole (Bags): a non-qualifying event for the 2021 NSGA events
  • Horseshoes: no longer an NSGA event, still played at the WSO level
  • Pickleball:  scheduled in a new location
  • Racquetball: includes mixed doubles

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Email: or phone: 414-755-1025

2020 Tentative Game Dates Available

Click here to see our 2020 Schedule with most dates set and a few to come. Please keep in mind that dates and times are subject to change due to unforseen circumstances.

Tentative Registration Sign-up to start on July 1st - Please continue to check back for updates.