From the desk of Yvonne Lewandowski, Executive Director:

Happy New Year - 

Welcome 2021 - we have been waiting for a new year!  

I hope 2021 finds you healthy and working at staying fit. This year is the year we make a strong come back and reclaim our physical and mental health and do all we can to win that gold medal.

What are you doing this year to re-commit to your health?

Get creative and set a goal that will push you to do better in your everyday life. For some of us, that will mean passing on dessert after dinner. I know that can be hard, I LOVE my cake, but by saying "No" to dessert, I am saying "Yes" to a healthier me.

I will also be pushing myself a bit more in my workouts - Let's face it, 2020, we really didn't do much, and by now, we have all come up with creative ways to workout. Now is the time to push yourself to the next level. 

I knew I would feel awful if I set my new goals to start on January 1st, I would have failed that very first day. Instead, my new workout routine and diet (including less start with) will begin on Tuesday, January 12th.
What does your new commitment to health look like?

WSO Operations

The WSO operates strictly on the financial support of our Athletes, Donors and Sponsors.  We do not receive any federal, county or city funding.  For the past 40 years, you have helped build the WSO to what it is today.  Your support helps us reach more athletes, provide affordable registration fees, and makes a positive impact on adults, encouraging them to stay motivated and committed to living a healthy and active life.

Your financial help is always welcome.  Last season we provided eight scholarships to individuals who may have not otherwise been able to participate in the 2019 events.  There are may non-profits you may choose to donate to, and we are humbled you choose to support the WSO!